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Food Encyclopedia Trivandrum- The Encyclopedia Foodies Swear By!

Why do we use an encyclopedia?

To get a-z information about anything on this planet,right? That is exactly what Food Encyclopedia Trivandrum does too! True to its name, it is the encyclopedia of food Trivandrumites swear by!

Are you a foodie?

Do you live in Trivandrum or plan to visit Trivandrum for a few days? If the answer is yes, then you need to be aware of this encyclopedia that opens the doors to the eateries all over Trivandrum! It covers every nook and corner of Trivandrum and explores every eatery, be it big or small and provides you with reviews that spell honesty, integrity and perfection! Here you get clear-cut reviews and information about each and every food joint in Trivandrum, be it a top 5-star hotel or a modest thattukada. You get detailed reviews about each dish in the hotel, and also a sneak peek into the amenities and ambiance of the place. It points out the areas where the restaurant can improve and also appreciates the positive aspects of each eaterie. The detailed write-ups and reviews help you to choose the right restaurant wherever you are at Trivandrum. So, what are you waiting for? Join the encyclopedia of foodies and be a part of Trivandrum’s everlasting foodie culture!

“Delve deep into the tastes that linger in your taste buds and captures your soul like no other!”

About Indian Salt bae

Al Niyadh is a well-known name all over Trivandrum, all thanks to his crazy love for food! He is a full-on food lover who heads over the Encyclopedia that throws light on each and every eateries in Trivandrum. He is the food blogger with love and passion for food in his heart and strives extra